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Lumos Ultra
Scott Wager
Worth it!

The helmet is sleek and easy to use. The battery lasts me 3 to 4 hours. But I do have the rear lights set to always on. Notifications of low battery I seem to have missed. And the charging light could be a bit brighter so you can easily see it in a bright room. However for peace of mind riding it is well worth it.

Lumos Ultra
Martin Esters
Only lacking communication

In the sort time i've had the helmet, I can't find any faults with it. I only wish that communicatios was added to them. Thus far I have brought two and am very pleased with them.

Lumos Ultra
Sharon Bindas

Very comfortable, enjoy the lights and turning signals with remote

Bougie and functional

I saw this helmet online and saw how it operated. Was a bit skeptical to buy at first but saw it had MIPS, the turning signal and the front light. All these features make u stand out on the road. Already got complements on the helmet from other riders. Overall amazing item.

Lumos Ultra
Wolfgang Müller
Gut, aber 2 Punkte zum optimierten

Auf den ersten Blick super und mit der App auch gut.
Zwei Punkte sind mir aber direkt aufgefallen.
1. Es fehlt das Mückenschutz Netz im Helm
2. Der Verschluss ist nur in einer Position zu verrasten. Mein alter KED ist da besser....

Lumos Kickstart Lite
Thierry Vandenborre

Lumos Kickstart Lite

Lumos Kickstart
David Hazelton
Must have in the country

This helmet is even better than advertised. I ride a lot in the country. Even though the sun is up, sometimes during sunrise or dusk, you can see but drivers can't see you. This helmet is highly visible to drivers. It definitely makes my rides safer.

My only wish is that the features available to Apple users were available to Android. That would make this helmet perfect.

Lumos Ultra
Penn Loh
Worth the wait!

We ordered 3 of these in July and finally got them in September. They fit well, look great, and work as advertised. We feel so much safer riding in dusk and dark.

Lumos Ultra
Eric Yealland
Amazing, so happy with them.

I have three helmets now, including the small size Ultra. Fantastic construction and design. Very visible and the turn signals work perfectly. Very very happy

Best helmet I've ever owned

Got this helmet when it was funded on Kickstarter. It's really sleek and light. Very comfortable, I got a large head and bought the xl size, first time I wear a helmet where I don't feel like my skull is being compressed. Highly recommend.

Lumos Ultra
Sébastien SICARD
Le nouveau Lumos Ultra

Un super casque pour le vélotaf qui permet d'être vu de loin dès que la nuit tombe. Les clignotants et la possibilité de "feux stop" en cas de freinage me sauve la mise au quotidien.

Lumos Matrix
Vittorio Pansini
Scratched helmet, broken box

Bad experience

Quick and easy

In our move I lost my handlebar remote for my Lumos helmet. I ordered this new one and after charging both my helmet and the remote I was able to quickly pair them up with no directions. It was so easy. Thanks Lumos!

Lumos Ultra
etienne edereani

Lumos Ultra

Lumos Ultra
Ana Aranda Loureiro

Amazing helmet

Lumos Ultra
Wonderful helmut

Great 21st century bike helmet with rider in mind. Functioning well and as advertised. I still have to test how it is with watch app but I am already impressed. I will get the unit for enabling break lights too. And I already had a fall and it indeed protected me! Kudos to the team 👍🏽

Lumos Ultra
Paul Telford
I was sceptical

Very comfortable and very bright functions as advertised, would recommend to anyone looking for safety

Lumos Ultra
Lumos Ultra MIPS Helmet An Excellent Safety Helmet

This helmet fits like a glove and I have found it to be the most comfortable cycle helmet to wear. Some users have commented on the helmet being heavy to wear, I haven’t found this helmet to be heavy at all and I usually cycle for about 1 hour.
The lights are nice and bright and I have found motor vehicle drivers holding back behind when using indicators to turn.
I did however experience a driver attempt to pull out of a side turning in front of me in which I was forced to swerve and brake harshly and I did rebuke this driver questioning his ability to drive and that he should get an eyesight test done soon.
The negatives I found the charging light to be extremely dim and was only visible when the helmet was charged in complete darkness.
Improvements It would possibly be useful for forward facing indicators to be added to notify oncoming traffic of your intentions as well
This is a great helmet of which I hope will reduce further the number of cycle accidents on our roads.

Lumos Kickstart Lite
Louis Searle

Very good features but not a good fit

Lynda Pinette
Strange to be sent a review form when it hasn't shipped yet

I hope that if they what to be a legit business they work out this little glitch. Embarrassing for them, to say the least.

Charging Cable
Hugo Hamel-Perron

Zero stars. This site apparently does not allow me to choose the number of stars (five by default, can't be changed), but it's ZERO stars. Like buyer below, I ordered over a month ago and am still waiting. At the price they sell this stuff, better custormer care could be expected.

Lumos Ultra
Rebecca Millward
Lumos Helmet

I’m very pleased with the lumos helmet, thank you for making it.
The indicator makes me feel safer cycling in the busy traffic.
It was worth the wait.
It’s a very smart helmet😊


Lumos Ultra
Stunning helmet 😍

Absolute perfect fit and strong recommender fir colour lovers like me. Lightning is great for me within the trails as it enlightens where I look - very strong recommendation for all safety and style fetishists 😎

Lumos Ultra
Ricky Moore
Avoid company

I ordered this helmet through Lumos on August 5th and still have no helmet. The response times from the company through email are horrible. I have tried to contact the company multiple times about this and get 1 to 2 week response times. I finally saw that my helmet was shipping on August 25. I watched the tracking information and the helmet showed it was delivered but to an address in North Carolina. I live in Maryland. I emailed the company about this and actually got a quick response. They said they would look into why this happened but didn't offer to send out another helmet even though this was completely their fault. The customer service is really bad with this company. Avoid dealing with Lumos. I would say you could order the helmet through Amazon but I would be afraid if you had issues with the helmet that you could not get in contact with their customer service. Note: The only reason I bought the helmet through Lumos was because I could not get the red helmet on Amazon. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!! THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY!!!

Nice, though surprisingly heavy

The weight of the helmet limits it to commute use for me, so I'm sticking to a lighter weight, traditional helmet for exercise. Fits very well though, which is much more than I can say for most helmets I've tried (slightly unusual head shape).

Commutes will become very dark here in Finland soon, so being visible is important. And because of that, I have one ask: I'd like to set up the blink pattern to alternate between dim/boost, instead of the currently available off/dim or off/boost only.