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Lumos Ultra
Anne James
Shiny Happy People!!!

I am now the overjoyed owner of a Lumos Ultra bike helmet. Having been mowed down and seriously injured by a hit and run driver in 2020, I have been looking for a helmet with some SERIOUS illumination to make me as visible as possible to drivers. This superb Lumos unit does the job admirably with both front and read lights, with customisable flashing patterns. Have orange flashing direction indicators on the back of your head is also a great innovation. The charging cable and socket is sturdy USB-C (unlike many electronic devices). And the On/Off switch on the back is easy to locate and use, even when wearing winter cycling gloves. The auditory feedback ‘beeps’ when using the switch or indicators in very good too. Reasonably light and well ventilated. Slick MIPS integration (check you order the MIPS version, there is a non-MIPS model). Could not be happier with this helmet. Very satisfied customer.

Remote Lite
Paul I Medrano
2nd remote for my scooter

I like the remote lite with my bike, so I bought one for my scooter

Love it!

My bike shop (Trek) loved it! Wanted to know where I bought it when they put it on my bike for me.

Lumos Kickstart
Anastasija Razeva

Great 👍

Remote Mount
Randal Rhodes
Remote mount for turn & brake

Mount package was missing the bands that secure the mount to the handle bar, contacted sell and bands were shipped out immediately along with a little extra gift. Great seller, great line of products, highly recommend.

Lumos Matrix
Sumit Tyagi
Great helmet

Fantastic helmet love it however black is more visible with led lights on. I bought the white one.

Ultra Bug Net
Björn Meißner
Fitting OK, but not exact

The bug net in whole is good, but it doesn't fit perfect. So it's a bit difficult to close all vents by placing it. I had to use more of the enclosed velcro pads as shown in the installation guide.

Lumos Matrix
Dmitry Kirillov
Just great

Works as intended and attracts Attention fr other bikers.

Helmet Padding
Joel Albinowski
Kickstarter Pads

This is the second set I have purchased. Not very durable, cracking and separating.
I’ll be fabricating my own in the future.

Lumos Ultra
Great Helmet!

I have purchased 3 of these helmets and about to purchase a 4th. I first bought one for our house in Florida where we ride out road bikes every morning when we are there. I love it so much that I bought one for my husband and myself in Dallas. The next will be for my husband to wear when in FL. The helmet gives off so much light that you feel a lot safer not eh bike. We typically ride about 5:30am for about 25-20 miles and going out in the dark I just love the brightness of the helmet and the signal options. Great helmet, great fit, and great safety!

Lumos Matrix
Pamela Kaspar

Bought two of these helmets and we love them!

Lumos Ultra
Joseph Vazquez
Fun and Functional!

This helmet is simply cool. The light features increase visibility of and for myself, and the MIPS design ensures safety and comfort.

Lumos Ultra
Richard Corbett
Remote doesn’t work

Do not buy this product. It doesn’t work and the support team are incredibly slow to support.

Lumos Ultra
Paul Harris
Not received anything and no messages

Crazy that I have been asked for a review but have not received my helmet. No contact except for the initial confirmation email.

Lumos Matrix
saverio leone

Lumos Matrix

Lumos Kickstart
Christopher Jeynes
Excellent product and service

Excellent service from point of order to delivery was quick and and smooth. The helmet is a great piece of kit and purchased to replace one that was broken following a cycling accident where I walked away without head injury despite a hard fall to the ground. Indicators and in my opinion more importantly the brake light are super and help this product stand out from the crowd.

Ultra Visor
Daniel Gull
Good visor, but...

...a little bit too short. Should be 10 - 15 mm longer to better protect from sun.
In addition I would expect that it is part of the helmet. Without the visor the helm is not complete.
What I like is the style, it is made like the visor of a base cap.

Charging Cable


Charging Cable
Albin Löbel

Charging Cable

Lumos Kickstart
fernando jimenez

We bought this helmet for our son as a birthday gift and he seems to be very please with it which makes us happy. Our reason not to give 5 stars is due to the delivery process. We know you say delivery could take from 4 to 10 days, but we were hopeful it would not take the full 10 days since we are also located in California. Delivery actually took 11 days. We placed the order on 8/21 and were notified that a label was created on 8/24, 3 days later. We thought this meant we would be getting our product 2 or 3 days later, but instead delivery took place til 9/1, 11 days after date of ordering it. We would have liked to have the helmet in our possession sooner. We are hoping the quality of your product and service in the future can make us change this rating to 5 stars.

Remote Lite
Roy N Sabolevsky
works as expected

My Kick start helmet was part of a used trike purchase. No remote and using my phone was awkward. This little remote triggers the turn signal with out occupying too much space and my phone is stored safely in my bag. You must remember to cancel the signal after your turn.

Lumos Ultra
Ulrich Hilgermann
Aktuell der beste Helm.

Hatte einen Unfall mit dem Kickstarter Lumos Ultra, dann war sofort klar: ich brauche denselben Helm wieder! Leider gibt es weniger Farbnuancen als bei Kickstarter.

Lumos Ultra
Stuart Perlmeter
Can’t Miss Me Now

The Lumos helmets are lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The front and rear lights make my presence on the road very obvious and the turn signal are a great feature. Great product.


I purchased the Lumos helmet with the remote lite. It has lasted only one and a half years from purchase. I have changed th battery twice. The battery that came with the remote lasted only a couple of months so I purchased a new battery. This one worked for a few months but now the remote does not work. I put in a new battery but it still does not work. I do not leave the remote outside on my bike - I bring it inside (so it doesn't get stolen and it is not exposed to the elements for long periods of time). This is the reason I purchased this helmet. There are other helmets on the market with lights embedded in the helmet but the lumos had the signal feature. Very disappointed in the lack of longevity. Not good from a sustainability perspective either as these batteries and the remote are now garbage.

Lumos Ultra
Edwin de Vries
Crash replacement

After i crashed and broke my helmet SUPER service from Lumos. I hope my pleasent talk with an employee helps with the development.