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Lumos Ultra
Benjamin Hofmann
Great helmet with a nice fit.

While manufacturing quality of my Kickstarter helmet is not 100% on Point (which i assume won't be an issue once full serial production is up and running), I love this helmet.

First: with a head size of 59cm i'm always on the edge between sizes with most other manufacturers, usually needing an L-size-helmet which often leads to a rather dorky mushroom look.
The M/L size of the Lumos ultra fits me perfectly while still maintaining a rather slim profile on the head - big plus!

second: the level of customizability with the app lets you change everything from sound indication to lighting patterns name it.

and last: despite electronics, lights and battery the weight can still be considered as light, compared to other commuter/city oriented helmets.

Con: for really hot days, ventilation could definitely be a little bit better.

Lumos Ultra
Alex Short
Decent helmet

Lights on the helmet are nice and bright, turn signals are nice and easy to use with proper buttons, none of that touch screen crap. Easy to charge helmet with usb-c cable, fits on my head nicely. Happy with it.

Lumos Ultra
Jim Spillane
Great Helmet

The features on this helmet are awesome. The lights and turn signals add another layer of safety features for night and early morning riding, especially when I'm on long brevet rides.

Doesn't work

I can't make this charge, and I have had no response from Customer Support.

Lumos Ultra
Andrew Park
Long Journey for a great helmet

I got my XL helmet. This helmet took an extra 7 months to get delivered. The quality of the helmet I'm really happy with it. The weight of the helmet is fine for me. I love the fact that they offered the XL sizing which makes for a great fit. The only little negative point on the helmet is the power indicator LCD seems muted or dim otherwise great job Lumos.

Lumos Ultra
Sjoerd Blomsma
Great helmet

Took a while (which can be expected with a KickStarter project) and very happy to have my hands on the Ultra!
Unfortunately still with the USB-C connection on which earlier feedback has been provided (and therefore no five stars), the recent upgrade to the magnetic charging seems a awesome upgrade making it worth the full five stars!

Lumos Kickstart
Darryl Burnett
I haven't received it yet.

Still waiting.

Lumos Ultra
Like it so far

So far I really like it. Especially the turn signal feature.

Lumos Ultra
Martin Huard
Safest device ever

This helmet is so visible compared to bike mounted lights, car are changing lanes to let me space. Don’t forget that most car are equiped with a rear window light brake (located at the top of the rear windows) because regular tail lights are not visible in some situation. Anyway. Love and recommend my Lumos !

Can't get it to pair.

Won't pair with Lumos 2 Kickstarter

Remote + Handlebar Mount
Raymond A. Bosanko

I needed an extra remote and helmet parts replacement due to the fact it was some of the original parts to the helmet that had a problem. My helmet is in a much better wearable condition now.


The remote control was easy to set up and functioned as described. I place an order and receive it within one week.

Lumos Ultra

This helmet is very impressive. I love all of the features it offers. The medium size fit perfectly. Now we are just waiting for the small one to ship for my partner.

Lumos Kickstart
sarah mccarthy
Helmet works great, return took a long time

My husband and I have Lumos helmets. We are very satisfied with our purchase. My helmet came and had a problem and needed to be returned. The process to do that took longer than expected. Making the process a bit quicker would be better. But, my new helmet works just fine and that’s what matters.

Lumos remote

all good the product is super good thanks for sending it very covered

Lumos Ultra
Ingo M. Schmidt
manufacturer does not react at all

i have been waiting for a reply from the manufacturer for over a week. only got an answer once that the service was understaffed. I am left completely alone with the problem of my Lumos helmet. neither manufacturer nor seller care. I am extremely disappointed and only advise against buying a lumos helmet!

Lumos Kickstart
Daniela Merkel

Lumos Kickstart

Lumos Ultra
David G
very unhappy customer

Great helmet but aftersales is truly shocking, they take your money and no help whatsoever . Weeks before any response and that was useless, now waiting again for another response. Caution if anybody is thinking about buying one. Such a shame, Lumos let themselves down so badly .

Lumos Ultra
My new Ultra Lumos

I like the sleek style it fits well and the love the the lights

Lumos Ultra
Darya Mikhalionak
Love it!

Yesterday I received my Lumos Mips and I was just thrilled! The helmet is stunning! Great quality, awesome design. I purchased Lumos via Kickstarter, the production and delivery took 1.5 years but I was absolutely fine with waiting as the Lumos team kept me updated all the time. The parcel arrived well packed. Thank you Lumos team!

Charging Cable
Rene Schille

Super Support 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Charging Cable
Lucian Buck

Very good support

Lumos Ultra
Nicole Grevaz
Lumos Ultra , Kickstarter

Kickstater pledge in July 2020, Lumos helmet received in July 2021, no mistake there, 1 year waiting time.... I was really exited when my Lumos was delivered in Perth, Australia earlier this month but to my great disappointment the helmet has got a mark/scratch on the top white part, really visible mark, unsure when this happened but it is really disappointing especially after waiting 1 year to received my helmet.
I contact the Lumos team, emailed them 2 photos and received the following response `` As per the photos we received, we can confirm that there is no significant damage to the helmet shell and foam that may compromise the safety and overall performance. ``
Really !!! Unacceptable, I asked for a replacement or a refund and haven`t heard back from the Lumos team since... So Lumos team, please be in touch with me, if you don`t have my colour in stock I will accept a black helmet.

Lumos Ultra
Angel Lassich
Wonderful Product

I absolutely love this helmet! I got remote that gives it brake lights; I have never felt safer!

Lumos Ultra
Steve Pham
Great user experience, simple safe ride

Love the new MIPS helmet - I had the first generation Lumos, which is still going strong. The newer one is even simpler to operate and feels like a natural evolution. The app experience also got simplified too. Love that there isn't extra blight on the experience. Keep up the good work.